Shipping information

Items will (most of the time) be shipped out 1-7 days after the order has been placed. Please check the description for when pre-order items will be shipped. During holidays or seasons where I have a little more work to do, shipping delays may occur. In these cases, please allow up to 14 days for your item(s) to be dropped off at the post office. If they take any longer than this, there will be updates in the stories on my Instagram. If you don't follow me there, you're always welcome to just send me an email at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

All items shipping to Canada are shipped via CanadaPost. All international packages are now being shipped via ChitChats. For USA packages, they will drive across the border and leave your packages in the care of USPS. Every package shipped to the USA will receive tracking. For international packages, they will be shipped via Asendia (but you will still be able to track via USPS if you prefer doing that) or ChitChats for larger packages. Once you receive your shipping confirmation notification, you will receive a tracking number with a link to where you can track your package.

Please make sure you keep track of when your packages are arriving. If you miss your package, it will be returned to me, but can take 6 weeks or more. It is your responsibility to make sure you can receive the package! If you weren't at home at the time, it is possible the package is being held at your closest post office. Check with them first, as the package is no longer in my control when it is handed over to the carrier.

Please note that the times listed below are just an estimate, and it's possible for your package to take longer if it is being held at your post office for whatever reason (e.g., awaiting customs payment). 

Once your order has been shipped out, I am unable to provide any further information. The only information I have about your package is what is displayed on the carrier's website (assuming tracking was purchased). If tracking was purchased, it may take some time to update! But rest assured, your package is still on its way.


Lettermail: 2-9 business days
Expedited Parcel: 1-3 business days (regional), up to 7 days (national)


First Class Mail: 2-4 business days (tracking and insurance included)


Asendia/ChitChats: 4-21 business days (tracking and insurance included)


Depending on your country, you may need to pay a customs fees for the post office to release your item. These are extra charges imposed by your country, not my store! Customers are responsible for paying any outstanding fees. Please check your country's custom regulations before making a purchase.

Because USA packages are being shipped via USPS, USA customers should NOT be opposed any custom taxes (and same for Canadian packages as I am shipping via CanadaPost).