Pin Grading System

Edited April 5th, 2019. In effect immediately.

Pins are all handmade, making it very difficult to offer “perfect” pins. I will no longer be carrying standard/collector’s grades pins, only A-grade and lower. This means that everything that was categorized as “standards” before, are now bumped down to A-grades (so you get them for slightly cheaper too!). Some A-grades may be bumped down to B-grades based on my discretion, but for the most part, please read the descriptions below so you know what kind of pin(s) you will be getting in your package!

A-Grade: Very little to no flaws. From far away, you likely won't notice anything wrong with the pins. They might have slightly lower filled enamel, small scratches on the metal or one discoloured glitter speck in them.

B-Grade: Slightly more visible flaws, might include some dust particles trapped inside the enamel, thick metal lines, lower filled enamel, small nicks in the enamel.

C-Grade: Highly discounted due to visible flaws in the pin such as missing enamel, low filled enamel, scratches, dents, etc.

Upon purchasing any of the pins in my shop, you agree that they may/will come with flaws and I will not issue any refunds or replace your order because of these defects.