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{ 07/23/19 } Please check out this page for new information on combining orders and this page for pre-order updates!

{ 05/31/19 } This store is processed in USD! Although I am Canada based, I haven’t found an efficient way to charge everything in Canadian dollars and include a currency converter. Sorry for any inconveniences!

{ 01/01/19 } For the most part, all items in the store will not be restocked. I may restock popular designs but if you see something you like, please consider getting them ASAP as I’d like to focus on new designs for the future! Please check here for a list of pins I plan to restock. If they aren’t on the list, they likely didn’t sell to well before and I will NOT be restocking them!


Please note that discount codes can only be applied if it is within the dates of the sale. Any orders placed before or after sales cannot be modified. You may use more than one code at a time!

FREESHIP50: Free shipping on orders over $50. Excludes backpacks and purses. [No end date]

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